Multi-Family.  Apartment.  Investor.

We Buy Distressed and Value-Add Apartment Buildings.

Offering Capital Preservation and Positive Cash Flow to our Investor Partners.

The Multi-Family Investor


Our portfolio currently consists of 24 residential units and a 240+ self-storage facility.



What makes a good investment in our eyes? 



Investing in real estate since 2002 and entrepreneur since 1994.

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On June 28 & 29, 2019, I attended another Real Estate Guys Conference in Dallas TX. In attendance were Scott...


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I met with Andrew of Morgan Run Roofing of Leola PA to discuss repairs to the metal roofs at our...

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My tenant did not have their gas on for a period of time. The gas company came today and turned...


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what is cap rate

What Is Cap Rate and How Is It Calculated

Cap rate stands for capitalization rate and is use to determine the rate of return if you paid all cash...

NOI Explained

What Is NOI – Net Operating Income

NOI stands for Net Operating Income. Which is the gross income less vacancy and less expenses?  Debt service is not...


My (Chad) Apartment Syndication Journey

July 2, 2019 We sold our primary residence on Mt Zion Rd in York PA today and moved to Lancaster...


Multi-Family Investing Terms You Should Know

Cap Rate The capitalization rate is used in the world of commercial real estate to indicate the rate of return...


Our Investment Criteria

What makes a good an investment in our eyes? Rule 1 – Location & Market We search for properties located...


Seven Benefits Of Multi-Family Investing

Positive Cash Flow We focus on positive cash flow to create: A self-sustaining business without additional cash injections from the...