About Chad Eisenhart

Hello, I’m Chad Eisenhart.

I was born and raised in York PA.  I grew up and lived in the same house all through my childhood.  My parents stayed together my entire life so I had a pretty stable life. My dad was an electrician and my mom a teacher and stay at home parent/housewife.

My parents instilled a very strong work ethic in my three siblings and myself and never let us quit things we started.  They were also very thrifty, both traits that stay with me today.

I graduated from Central York High School in 1989.  I did not apply my self at all in high school. In my senior year in work study, I realized I did not want to do low wage and labor jobs for the rest of my life.  I started applying my self and went to York College part-time that fall.  That following year I transferred to Shippensburg University for Business Management. 

Fall 1993 – Study Abroad England

My final year semester of college I attended Nottingham University in Nottingham England.  My girlfriend at the time, wife now, came over for about a month and lived with me in my dorm room.  While there we traveled to London for a few days, and Wales for another weekend trip and Amsterdam another weekend.  We also took a week-long trip through Europe, stopping in Paris, Rome, Germany, Austria and more.

April 1994 – Opened For Business

As soon as I graduated from Shippensburg University I got to work on opening my own business Carryout Courier, which I still own today. At present, the business works with 150+ restaurants, serves York, Lancaster & Harrisburg PA and employs 60+ delivery drivers and three supervisors.  In late 2017 we partnered with another service Mr. Delivery and outsourced our call center and dispatching to them, which they do from South Africa.

2002 First Rental Property

At the beginning of 2002, I bought my 1st rental property which included 5 rooms that are rented on a weekly basis and office space. After 16 years I am still amazed at how fast the rooms rent. They rent within hours. And although people only need to give a weeks notice to move out, in addition, there is no minimum time people need to stay, it is not uncommon they stay for years. 

2005 to 2012

Around 2005 I bought my 2nd rental property a single family house, which I still own.  I went on to buy and hold about 2 properties a year through 2012 then hit the pause button. At which point I had accumulated 12 properties and 24 units which I still hold them today.

Flips, Wholesaling, Marketing To Buyers

I was pretty good at SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and realized that the best way to find deals was to get the sellers to call you. I turned my marketing efforts to people searching for “Sell Your House Fast” and “We Buy Houses” and wholesaled about 15 properties with that strategy and kept some of the properties for my own.  I also tried a flip on a single property I bought and then subdivided. It was basically a breakeven.  What I learned, is I have a buy and hold mentality. I over repaired the property, I acted like I was going to keep the property for the long term.

Heavy Rehabs

Almost all the properties I bought and held were heavy rehabs.  I love seeing boards on the windows and vacancy.  Fewer investors are comfortable getting into these properties which means less competition for the product. It also means deeper discounts to account for all the needed repairs.

In my opinion, heavy rehabs make the ideal buy and hold. You rehab it right with no cutting corners or shoddy workmanship. It makes management of the property easier and lowers your long-term costs.  

Treating Customers & Vendors Right & Paying on Time

Tenant Are The Customer

I provide a clean, safe and fully repaired property and charge just slightly under market rent.  It makes it easy to find tenants and keeps them there for the long term. Turnover costs money and eats into profits.  When tenants have maintenance issues, I make sure they are addressed quickly and in a cost-effective manner. I expect the tenants to pay on time and if they do not start the eviction process quickly to either get paid or move onto the next tenant.

Between food delivery customers and tenants, tenants are way easier to satisfy. People’s stomachs make them nasty, they get “hangry.”

Vendors – They Don’t Work For Free and Pay Them On Time

I understand the importance of finding quality contractors that show up when scheduled, care about the work they produce and charge a reasonable price.  Ten plus years later I still work with some of the same contractors I have used on my 2nd property purchase in 2005.

Making sure vendors get paid on time and working out disagreements when they arise is in both parties interests for a long-term relationship. At Carryout Courier we still work with some of the same restaurants that we started with, in 1994.

Being honest, transparent, standing by my word, and following through with jobs till complete are the work principles I follow.  Don’t take my word for it reach out to anyone I have done business with in the past or currently do business with.  

Long-Term Focus

As I worked to get laser focus on what I wanted, my wife and I decided we want to live in a different area for 6 months at a time, then move to another. We want to have new experiences. We would start small, 30-120 minutes from York PA and gradually circle out.

With real estate, you do not have to live in the same area, it helps if you are managing the day to day but not if you put effective property managers in place.

Multi-Family Investing Through Syndication Affords That Lifestyle

Investing and owning single families and smaller deals does not cut it, larger apartments buildings and apartment complexes will afford that lifestyle. 

I took that step in September 2018 and attended the Real Estate Guys Secrets of Successful Syndication conference and the Old Capital Conference (held at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas). Subsequently, I joined the Real Estate Guys mentoring group.  

Selling Carryout Courier – Going All in On Real Estate

During October 2018 I agreed to list my Carryout Courier business for sale with Murphy Business Brokers in Camp Hill.  

Working On My First Real Estate Syndication

I am in the process of securing soft commitments from passive investors and continue to educate myself on larger multi-family deals, through podcasts, books and attending additional Real Estate Guys conferences and Joe Fairless Best Ever Real Estate Syndication Conference in Denver in late February 2019.

Follow My Progress 

Follow along as I continue to document my progress to owning bigger deals thru multi-family apartment syndication.