Real Estate Guys -How To Win Funds and Influence

On June 28 & 29, 2019, I attended another Real Estate Guys Conference in Dallas TX.

In attendance were Scott Rhoades of York PA and Faruk Sisic of Lancaster PA.


My notes are as follows:

    • Mike Muhney founder of ACT Software
      • Mike started his career at IBM and was told they are either:
        • Jack Asses
        • Wild Stallions
      • At the end of his training IBM was going to take him to higher level:
        • Thoroughbred Race Horses
      • Sales is about Relationships
      • Focus On Principles
        • Approach as you are trying to make a friendship with them
        • Always call at the top
        • What is on the walls
  • “Hi I am …. YOUR personal…..”
      • Focus on Impact not Success
      • You do not want to ask yourself…. “What might have been…..”
    • Road To Relationships
      • First Contact
      •  Engagement
      • Conversation
        • Purpose to build a bond
    • We are in the Golden Age of Marketing
  • Networking
  • Go to the event early.  Stay Late.
    • Strategically Build Relationships
    • Build Brand Through Association with Bigger Brands
    • How can I Influence The Influencers?
    • Who Is Your Target Market?
      • What do they need?
      • Where do they congregate?
      • Who influences them?
      • Who influences the influencers?
    • What is your unique positioning and value??
  • Time Block For Influencer Exercise
  • Think about what people need
  • Zig Ziglar – “You can get everything you want …….. If you just help enough people get what they want.”
  • Never Lead with your needs
  • Always bring your solutions.
  • People act on Fear & Greed
  • Until the prospect knows their why yours what does not matter.
  • Learn to ask the right questions
    • FUNNEL
      • Broad – Understanding
      • Clarifying – Awareness
      • Hypothetical
      • Control Agreement
  • Broad Questions
    • Tell me about….
    • Explain to me how….
    • What are your thoughts on ….
    • Why did you…..
  • Extenders
    • How so…?
    • Tell me more about ……
    • Please elaborate….
    • Go on….
  • Clarifying / Repeat / Confirm
    • It seems like …….
    • It sounds like ………
    • What you are saying …………..
  • Tie Downs
    • Don’t you agree..?
    • Wouldn’t you say…..?
    • Don’t you think….?
    • Isn’t it?
  • Leave room for the customer to ask questions.
  1. Set the Table
  2. Touch the heart
    1. Discover needs
    2. Present solutions
  3. Engage the mind.
    1. Demonstrate value
    2. Handle objections
    3. Close – Implement
  4. The heart must place the order with the brain before you engage the mind


12 Step Sales Process

Set The Table

  1. Make a great 1st impression
  2. Build a warm rapport
    1. Make them feel special
    2. Pay a sincere compliment
  3. Share agendas
    1. Provides context for your motive
    2. Lays foundation for Win Win
  4. Get permission to interview
    1. Test willingness to proceed

Touch the Heart

  1. Uncover needs / wants / desires / goals
    1. Get Clarity on Each
    2. Get Clarity on Each
    3. Get Clarity on Each
    4. Listen For:
      1. I want…
      2. I need…
      3. I’d really like…
      4. I hate it when ….
  2. Raise awareness
  3. Upset the status quo
    1. The pain of doing nothing must exceed
    2. What if nothing happens?
  4. Trial Close
    1. “Based on what you shared with me, I am confident we can help you.  But before I get into the details, let me ask you this: If I can find a way to get you the 3-5 things you really want, so you can have all the things you like and avoid the pain the status quo, is there any reason you wouldn’t want to do it?” 

Engage the mind

  1. Present solutions
  2. Handle concerns
  3. Gain Agreement
  4. Implement


  • Work to find out what motivates each person or what problem they need to be solved.


Until they know their why your what doesn’t matter.


  • All growth is at the margins.


Questions to Engage Someone

  • How are you handling ….. Now?
  • What is your current plan?
  • What do you like best about your current situation?
  • What would you like to improve?


Motivations and Fears

  • How long have you been in your current situation?


Handling Concerns

    • Clarify
      • Acknowledge
      • Restate
      • Confirm
  • I completely understand.
  • If I heard you correctly, restate concern. Is that right?
    • Test
      • Hypothetically Eliminate
  • “Let’s suppose for a moment (concern didn’t exist), is there anything else holding you hack?”
  • Categorize
    • I completely understand
    • It seems like (restate concern)
    • Is that right?
  • Categorize Concerns
    • Misunderstanding
    • Genuine
    • Subjective (price)