What I Learned About Commercial Metal Roof Repair Today

I met with Andrew of Morgan Run Roofing of Leola PA to discuss repairs to the metal roofs at our self-storage facility in York PA.

Some of the roofs have a great deal of rust on them. Andrew broke down the steps his company would do to address the issue.

The product he proposed using was by Conkin.

By default, my partners and I looked into an aluminum coating which is a cheaper option, but we also agreed it may not address the seams.

The Process For Coating The Metal Roofs

Andrew said they would power wash the roofs with a cleaner and remove some of the rust, then prime the roofs to seal in the rust. Next, they would put a base coat on all the seems along with a kevlar material over the seams and then caulk all of the screws.

They would spray on the top coat. The top coat is 13mm. When Andrew showed me the top coat. his example definitely had some thickness to it. 

At this writing, we have yet to decide on what direction we will be going. One thing to take into consideration is our hold time. The aluminum coating is about 40% of the process of the product Andrew was offering. But if we need to coat it every 5 years and we are holding it for more than 10 years it may be more cost effective to go with a better quality product. Although we could use the superior product as a selling point.